“Israel is fighting for its existence and legitimacy at home and abroad. Rising to the challenges at home is no less important than addressing the problems outside. The silent majority, the productive citizens, those who serve, the national, the taxpayers – the Zionist majority – must return to wielding a decisive position in shaping the character of the Jewish state, its vision and its future.”

Policy and Security / Speeches

Memorial Day Address - April 2010
Memorial Day Address – April 2010 April 18, 2010

Each of us has his own private, inner album; pictures of formative moments in our lives. My Yom Kippur War was also bloody and filled with death. But what I remember best of all is one quiet moment that occurred some ten days after the fighting ended. I was standing at the bedside of Yehouda Wahaba at the Rambam Medical Center. Both of his eyes were bandaged and he could not see me. As if in a scene taken from a Russian World War II movie, I stood there while he recounted my brother Gadi’s last moments.

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ICT's 9th International Conference - Closing Speech
ICT’s 9th International Conference – Closing Speech September 10, 2009

The strategy to terminate the Jewish state is no longer based on winning one major all-out war. The strategy is based on two long term operations. One is a continuous low intensity violent campaign. Such terror acts directed at civilians are aimed to break the citizens’ will-power, cause internal debates and chaos.Read More

Ceremony in Solidarity with Victims of Terrorism
Ceremony in Solidarity with Victims of Terrorism September 9, 2003

Shirly Fried is 22 years old. She is a second-year student at our Lauder School of Government. Her parents immigrated to Israel from Hungary, joining the Jewish Zionist dream. The father a physician, the mother a nurse, both were supporters of the Israeli peace movement. About a year and a half ago, the family decided to spend the Passover celebration with others in a hotel. Read More

September 11th Solidarity Conference
September 11th Solidarity Conference September 11, 2002

“To kill the Americans and their allies – civilians and military – is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it…”. These are the words of a religious decree (Fatwah) signed by Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri and others on February 23rd, 1998. Read More

Memorial Day Eve - April 2002
Memorial Day Eve – April 2002 April, 2002

Preparing this speech proved difficult for me. This Memorial Day is chiefly a moment of moral stocktaking. The existential and moral questions are awesome and I wonder how I can come to grips with them in front of you. I know you will find my evasion reprehensible, but my views might raise controversy at a ceremony that consists of uniting pain. Can we communicate effectively over the distance of nearly two generations that separate us?Read More