IDC Herzliya: On the Way to Becoming Israel’s First Private University

April 16, 2018

The Israeli Council for Higher Education grants IDC Herzliya permission to apply to confer doctorate degrees.

After 24 years of building a dream, the leadership of IDC Herzliya, with Prof. Uriel Reichman, its President and Founder, at its helm, were ecstatic to receive the news that Israel’s Council for Higher Education had unanimously voted to allow IDC Herzliya to apply to bestow PhD degrees, beginning with law. This is the first step to IDC Herzliya becoming Israel’s very first private university.

Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett, called Prof. Reichman personally to apprise him of the CHE’s decision and said, “You have earned this. It is not a kind gesture. You make a point of being the best in everything you do. The best in professionalism, in ethical standards, in strengthening of the State of Israel, in granting scholarships to anyone who needs. Both professionally and ethically. Uriel, you have really built an institution which is a source of pride for the State of Israel”.

Just moments after receiving the exciting news, Prof. Reichman, said “the Interdisciplinary Center welcomes the Council for Higher Education’s decision to allow IDC to begin the proceedings that will enable it to grant doctorate degrees. For eight years, the university cartel prevented any such discussion. Only under the leadership of the Chairman of the Council for Higher Education and Israel’s Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett, did this decision come to pass. IDC Herzliya thanks Minister Bennett for his determination and insistence on the principles of academic integrity, and thanks the professional leadership of the Council for Higher Education, namely Prof. Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats and Prof. Ido Perlman. Today we also wish to express our appreciation to the friends and faculty of IDC, as well as to our students and alumni, for their partnership and trust over the years.”