“The source of Israeli society’s achievements does not lie in the government in Jerusalem, but in the strength of the Israeli majority, the people of the nation who continue to take responsibility for the state’s future: those who serve in the IDF and perform reserve duty; those who work and provide for their families; those who are willing to help those who cannot help themselves; the taxpayers and those who create jobs; the law abiders; and those with morals, who raise their children to love this land and its people. The future of the State of Israel and its ability to cope with those who seek to do us harm depends on this group, that is, on us.”

Original and Contemporary Zionism

Prof. Reichman, President and founder of IDC, on Israel’s Memorial Day in memory of his brother

April 30, 2020

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Dreams and realities of the Zionist revolution by professor Uriel Reichman

February 11, 2020

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The Declaration of Independence Revisited  11 December 2011

The Declaration of Independence Revisited 11 December 2011

December 11, 2011

Welcoming Prof. Ron Harris, Director of the David Berg Institute, Prof. Yoram Shachar of IDC and the spirit behind this conference and the deliverer of the keynote address Prof. David Armitage of Harvard University. A special welcome to Prof. Aron Shai, Rector of Tel Aviv University. Up till now we saw you at IDC as a visiting beloved lecturer, and today it is a unique pleasure to welcome you as the Rector of Tel Aviv University. I am sure that your wisdom and humane approach will render a great service to your highly respected Academic Institution.

One cannot open the conference today without congratulating the most recent Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Shechtman and the Technion for the great accomplishment and the honor bestowed on the Israeli academic community.

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